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Build Works Project Thorney

!/perch/resources/bunkhousenew-w700h700.jpg(Grasmere Bunkhouse)!

The old Annexe becomes the new Grasmere Bunkhouse

This is an impression of the new building, by our architect William Sutherland. !/perch/resources/1362258163-fromlaneofannexe-w700h700.jpg(Architect’s Impression)!

Now that the concrete base we can start the build. !/perch/resources/readytostartbuildsm-w700h700.jpg(The plant room build starts)!

The first few blocks go up quite quickly. !/perch/resources/firstbuild2sm-w700h700.jpg(First blocks in place)!

These are the concrete roof beams. Apparently they are meant to be bent. !/perch/resources/concretebeamssm-w700h700.jpg(Concrete roof beams delivered)!

Once in place we have a roof. !/perch/resources/extensionbuild4sm-w700h700.jpg(Concrete beams in place)!

With the roof in place we can begin stone facing the outer walls with traditional Lakeland stone. !/perch/resources/firststonefacingsm-w700h700.jpg(Roof on, stone facing starts)!

A painstaking approach is required. !/perch/resources/layingstonefacingsm-w700h700.jpg(It’s a steady process)!

Bye bye to the old windows. !/perch/resources/newwindowssm-w700h700.jpg(Old windows are taken out)!

Will they fit we all ask? Of course they will! !/perch/resources/newwindows2sm-w700h700.jpg(New windows arrived)!

Our disabled access takes shape. !/perch/resources/disabledaccessinprogresssm-w700h700.jpg(Disabled access stonework in place)!

Ready for our weekend guests to arrive. !/perch/resources/1362435374-disabledaccesssm-w700h700.jpg(Ready for guests to arrive for the weekend)!

We need to cast a concrete wall at the back of the new plant room. !/perch/resources/concretecasting1sm-w700h700.jpg(Concrete casting in the new plant room)!

Finishing the casting job off. !/perch/resources/concretecasting2sm-w700h700.jpg(More concrete casting in the new plant room)!

Meanwhile some internal jobs are still on the go - wiring, heating system and plumbing. !/perch/resources/plumbingwiringsm-w700h700.jpg(Wiring and heating system in place)!

A new toilet will go here. !/perch/resources/plumbingwiring2sm-w700h700.jpg(Here will be a new toilet)!

Finally the rooms are plastered. !/perch/resources/plasteredroom3sm-w700h700.jpg(Plastering out the rooms)!

Plastering in progress, !/perch/resources/plasteredroom2sm-w700h700.jpg(Plastering in progress)!

Our new key fobs arrive. !/perch/resources/keyfobsm-w700h700.jpg(New key fobs ready)!

All organised for the new season. !/perch/resources/keyssm-w700h700.jpg(All organisaed)!

Thorney How and Grasmere Bunkhouse | guest accommodation privately owned and managed by Taylor and Carolyn Nuttall since 2011.