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This is the week that things got scary. And exciting. All the unwanted internal structures were dismantled and the place became a building site proper.

First job - to remove internal walls, doors, fittings.

!/perch/resources/inner-walls-come-down-sm-w700h700.jpg(inner walls removed)!

The old shower room is being knocked out to make way for a larger shower block.

!/perch/resources/1358717811-debris-old-shower-room-sm-w700h700.jpg(old shower room dismantled)!

The old toilet is being removed and the lean to cleared to allow a new entrance to be made.

!/perch/resources/removing-lean-to-toilet-sm-w700h700.jpg(removing old lean to toilet)!

It was good to see the place being fully cleared and to start to visualise the new spaces.

!/perch/resources/old-rooms-fully-cleared-sm-w700h700.jpg(old rooms cleared out)!

The builders have now fully taken over.

!/perch/resources/builders-stuff-sm-w700h700.jpg(building site stuff)!

The existing Annexe as seen from below approaching via Lancrigg’s private road.

!/perch/resources/annexe-from-below-sm-w700h700.jpg(old annexe seen from below)!

We’ve got plenty of kindling for next year. We just need to saw it up and store it somewhere!

!/perch/resources/some-spare-kindling-sm-w700h700.jpg(spare kindling)!

We very nearly missed the old entrance coming off the building.

!/perch/resources/old-entrance-removed-sm-w700h700.jpg(removing the old entrance)!

The new corridor is being formed - here the openings have just been created.

!/perch/resources/first-view-of-new-corridor-sm-w700h700.jpg(corridor openings formed)!

Another view showing where the new entrance will be from the inside.

!/perch/resources/view-to-new-entrance-sm-w700h700.jpg(view to new entrance)!

Finally after all the cold weather, rain, snow etc. we got the foundations for the boiler plant room cleared.

!/perch/resources/foundations-fully-excavated-sm-w700h700.jpg(foundations space finally cleared)!

Hmmm, this pile of soil came from somewhere?

!/perch/resources/soil-heap-sm-w700h700.jpg(a pile of soil)!

First sign of the new rooms. The partitions between rooms being formed.

!/perch/resources/new-room-partition-sm-w700h700.jpg(new room partition)!

New room structures from the corridor - there will be four rooms, each with four beds,

!/perch/resources/1358718449-new-room-structures-sm-w700h700.jpg(new room structures)!

The new shower block area gets fully opened out.

!/perch/resources/opening-up-space-for-new-shower-room-sm-w700h700.jpg(new shower space being cleared)!

And another skip. Is this number 3, or 4, or 5?

!/perch/resources/skip-number-three-sm-w700h700.jpg(skip number three)!

The big hole starts to be refilled. New foundation preparations being laid. We just want some slightly warmer weather next. Pesky snow.

!/perch/resources/filling-the-hole-back-up-sm-w700h700.jpg(establishing new foundations)!

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